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Why Java’s Runtime is so Important: The Bigger Picture

Posted February 16, 2018 10:18:31 When it comes to programming languages, Java is the most popular.Java’s popularity is also tied to the popularity of its compiler.Java has a powerful but relatively easy-to-use syntax that makes it easier for new developers to learn.Java is used to develop software in a variety of industries, including the banking, […]

Tiger in India’s north-west is not a new species, but it could be a new name

The Javan Tiger is an endangered species in India, which is home to more than 150 species of tigers, javan foxes, jaguars, bobcats, leopards, cheetahs, and cougars.Here’s what you need to know about this critically endangered species.The Javan tiger is the only species of tiger in India that is known as a black-footed cat.This is […]

The world’s oldest computer: The oldest computer in the world – Al Jazeera

Java is a widely used language, used in most of the world’s most sophisticated computer systems.The world’s first computer was invented in India by a student of Dr Sunil Narayanan’s in 1952.Narayanan had a PhD in electronics engineering and designed and built a machine that could write computer programs.It was the first personal computer and […]

How to make an asynchronous java.lang.Object object in Java using Java’s Object-Oriented Design language

A new book has been published on the subject of Object Oriented Programming in Java.This book is written by David A. Mertens, a Java developer, and is a collaboration between Microsoft and Oracle.A short article by David has been posted on the JEE site.David Mertents Object Oriopedic Tutorial Java Tutorial: The Java Object-oriented Design Language […]

How to Fix Your Java Runtime Java Runtime 6: You Are Going to Be Lazy and Reactive in Your Development environment

This article is a part of our Java Developer Resource series.If you’d like to learn more about Java, check out our full Java Developer Series.We’ll dive into a few of the major new features in Java 6.1, as well as some of the best practices to make Java even more flexible.The Java Runtime The Java […]

Java vs. Kotlin: A Brief Look at What’s Next

Java is a programming language.Kotl is a high-level programming language for Android.The languages are the same, but Kotlin and Java differ in many ways.Kotls features are designed to make it easier for programmers to build more complex apps.Kotlins syntax is more declarative and more flexible than Java’s.And Kotlin also supports better concurrency, which makes it […]

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