How to find the best Java calculator for beginners

As with any technology, there are always people out there who hate Java.But when the platform itself is good, it makes for a more welcoming environment for beginners to try out new things.For example, one popular Java calculator was developed by an organization called Jigsaw that provides free Java tools for students.That app, for instance, […]

What’s the deal with the Minecraft edition?

Updated October 10, 2018 05:31:51 The Minecraft Edition has been removed from the Google Play store, after an outcry from players who were upset that it was being used to scam them.“As the game’s creator, Mojang, is a big part of the game and we all know how passionate and dedicated these gamers are, they […]

How to write the perfect Java app

Java apps are becoming the new core of modern enterprise software development.Java apps enable developers to build web-based applications and are used by thousands of Fortune 500 companies.Many of these apps can be run in the browser and require little or no server or database configuration.They are also ideal for testing, analytics, and security, and […]

Java developer says it will stop releasing new games because of the ‘unfortunate’ fallout of Gamergate

Java developer Anvil Studios has announced it will cease releasing new software products.Anvil Studios, a studio founded by the creators of the popular indie game The Unfinished Swan, said in a blog post that it will not be releasing new Java and Java SE software products, citing the “unfavorable” impact Gamergate’s Gamergate movement has had […]

How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle and Use It To Become Certified Java Developer

You can learn to code in java by making jigsaw puzzles and using them to make cool things. This is exactly what I did, and it turned out pretty cool.This was a fun project and I learned a lot, but the real fun comes from sharing my experience with you.The tutorial is available as a pdf […]

The truth about java, the language of tomorrow

By Tom WilsonThe word “Java” is synonymous with a vast array of technologies and applications, but there is a more important and more mysterious one that has been at the heart of the software development landscape for decades.It’s the language used by companies like Google and Facebook, and it’s the one that will power the […]

Apple’s iWatch is ‘not ready’ to be sold in stores as it’s ‘still too early to judge’

Wired, March 14, 2020.The iWatch will be available to purchase in stores for the first time on March 24th, 2020, Apple announced on Monday.The new watch will be called the Apple Watch Edition, and will come with a host of additional features that Apple says it hopes will help consumers find value in the device.Apple […]

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