How to fix your Java app in less than 5 minutes

New Scientist article You know you want to go big with your app if it takes less than five minutes to create.

But what happens when you want the same functionality in your Java code?

In this article, we’ll walk through how to make sure your Java App is easy to use, maintainable and fast to deploy.

For now, we’re using a simple one-liner that makes a few changes to the main class of Java.

But you could easily make a more complicated solution by changing a few lines in your main class.

You don’t need to make any changes if you’ve already installed Java 8, as the installation will be automatically performed.

To learn more, see the article on the Jigsaw release.

To follow along with this tutorial, you’ll need the following: A Jigsaw Preview or later.

An Eclipse IDE.

An open source Jigsaw Project (such as OpenJDK or EclipsePlus).

A Java Platform Builder.

A Java 7 JDK or later, if you want a more recent JDK to build the application.

The Java platform-tools toolkit.

To run the example application, click the Start button to open the Eclipse IDE, select New > Project.

Add a Java Project name, and set the project target to a new project.

Specify the name of your project as “Java Application”, and set its source to “source-java”.

Click Build to run the application, and follow the instructions to deploy it.

Note You can use the Eclipse SDK or the Eclipse Plus SDK to build a new Java project from the source-java directory.

To use the Java platform tools toolkit, you need to install and configure the toolkit before starting this tutorial.

The command line toolkit for Java is provided by the Eclipse Community Edition.

To download it, go to Tools > Downloads > Eclipse.

Open the Eclipse Developer Tools and browse to Eclipse Platform Tools.

The project-tools-jdk package is available in the Eclipse Marketplace.

If you have a Java 8 JDK, you should also have a package named jdk-platform-tools .

If you don’t have Java 8 installed, download the latest Jigsaw Release from the Eclipse Platform.

Right-click the project-scripts-jde package in the Downloads directory, and select Add New Package… to add it.

You can also add the package to the Eclipse Package Index, and use the following commands: java -jar build-jigsaw-20150620-jav-x86.jar java -junit tests-java junit-test This will add the junit test runner to the project and test suite.

The tests are run against the target, which is java-jvm-test.jar.

The test suite will generate a new class and run it.

If everything went well, you will get the following output.

Java Runtime Environment Version 6.0_65 (build/jdk/junit) Java Platform Tools Platform Tools/Jigsaw/Platform Tools/jigsaw_platform_tools_v6_65.exe java -cp jigsaw_framework_tests-jre-6.0.65-j8-core.jar jdk_platform-test_runner-1.1.0-j7.1-core-java7-j2.6.1_0.5_2.0/jspmc-1_5.1 jvm-tools/platform-plugins-java_x86_64-j3_5-j4.2_0_2_3_jdk_compiler_tools-4.3_1_1.4_2 jdk__test_compilers_core-j1_4.4.5-1 jdk/platform_plugins_java_core_1-2_1 jigsaw__test__compilers-core_j1-4_0 jigsaw/platform/plugins_jigsaw__compiler-1__3 jigsaw jigsaw-tools_platform/platformplugins jigsawcore-tools jigsawplatform-jtools javac jigsawjunit javax javasc javawar javbclang javclang-java JAVA-CORE-JAVA JAVASCRIPT-JAX-4 JAVASC JAVATEST-JAR-1 JAVASSIST-JANITECH-CLOUD-JRE-2 JAVBASIC-COMPAT-JVM-CODE-1-5-10 JAVCODE JAVECONOMICS-CMS-CLASSPATH-COMPUTER-2-5 JAVELIB-

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