Which is better? Android or iOS?

The newest version of Android and iOS are almost identical, and the differences between them have been largely hidden from the public.

But it turns out they’re both more or less equally good, with Android dominating the market.

And both platforms are on track to overtake Apple in 2018.

Here are the big reasons why: Apps The two platforms have the same amount of apps for each.

Android’s Play Store has more than 100 million downloads, while iOS’ App Store has just over 30 million.

The same amount is available in both platforms for Android, but the difference in the number of apps in each platform is smaller.

On the iPhone, Android has about 5,000 apps, while iPhone has more like 15,000.

Apple’s app store has a much bigger collection of apps.

In addition to Google Play, iOS has a full catalog of more than 200,000 popular apps.

Apps on Android are free and are downloaded to your device whenever you want them, while apps on iOS are paid and are used by a small percentage of users to make money.

Android also offers an easier way to make and share your own apps, which is useful for businesses, as it allows them to share their business-specific apps with customers.

Apple offers its own built-in developer tools that make it easy to make custom apps.

Both platforms have some of the most popular apps on the iPhone.

There are plenty of them, with the most downloaded apps on Android at 4.3 million and iOS at 3.9 million.

Android has plenty of games and apps that make your iPhone feel like a real home screen.

iOS has plenty more.

And you can get apps for free on both platforms, as long as you have an iPhone running iOS 7.

Both are available on the App Store.

But the big difference in Android and the other platforms is that Android apps are easier to find.

The number of Android apps is significantly lower than iOS apps.

Android apps typically have an icon on the home screen, which looks like an apple logo with a line through it. iOS apps typically don’t.

Android and other iOS platforms don’t have an indicator for the app icon.

If you tap an Android app, it will appear in the iOS app store.

The app is listed as available for purchase in the app store, and you can pay for it by tapping the app in the home bar.

The Android app store is a different beast.

You can buy an Android game or app directly from Google Play.

You don’t need to pay for the Android app.

The iPhone’s app stores are different too.

On Android, you can buy apps directly from the Google Play store, which means that the developer of the app is the same as for iOS.

On iOS, the developer is different from the developer on Android.

For example, the developers of an iOS app may have to go through a long approval process to get the app approved by Apple.

On Google Play the developer can just open an Android version of the game, and it will be available in the App store for anyone to download and play.

You won’t need any special permissions to download an Android or an iOS game from Google or to install it.

On Apple’s App Store, you have to pay to download a game or an app, but you can install it on your device.

You also won’t be able to buy apps from Google to make a purchase.

You’ll need to download the app directly.

Android offers apps that are available for free.

iOS offers apps for paid apps.

And on both Android and Apple’s platforms, you don’t get a dedicated app store for the apps you download.

The big difference is that iOS offers more apps than Android.

Android now has nearly a quarter of the apps available on iOS.

For comparison, Android only has about two percent of the iOS apps that Google and Apple have on their platforms.

The reason for the difference is the way Android apps work.

Android uses an app store that is different than the Apple App Store for the same reason Apple and Google have different app stores: the Android developer doesn’t get access to the same level of the App Developer Tools and SDKs that Apple and the Apple app developers get.

Android doesn’t have a dedicated developer tool like iOS does, but Apple and Android have a similar developer tools and SDK that work well together.

The apps in the Android App Store are designed to work together and are designed specifically for developers, which makes them easier to work with.

Android allows developers to easily create apps that can be shared with other developers.

For instance, Google and the Android developers can share a game with another developer that has a game similar to theirs, or with another game that the developers have made.

The developer can also send their app to Google’s App Developer Console, which lets developers upload and manage their own apps and see what other developers have done.

Apple and other platforms also have a separate developer tools for developers.

This is called an SDK, and this is the only way developers can easily share apps. Developers

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