Why a Java rape case has gone viral: Why it matters for Java developers

An unnamed Java developer is now facing charges in India for allegedly raping a colleague in a hotel room in August 2016.

He is accused of raping her in a bid to obtain her company’s data.

Jolla, a Finnish company that designs and sells smartphones and tablets, said it has not been contacted by police.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

“The case is being investigated by the police in India and has no bearing on our operations in India,” a Jolla spokesperson told Reuters.

“Jolla has not received any formal complaint or complaint from the victim,” said a spokesperson for the Delhi Police.

Juhu Singh, a Java developer, said his colleague had been a frequent customer of his office in the eastern city of Kanpur.

Singh was staying with a friend when he was allegedly attacked by a man he did not know.

Singh said he tried to resist the attack and was raped.

“He was trying to flee but I grabbed hold of his arm and pushed him back.

When I was done, he grabbed my phone and took it away,” Singh said.

Singhan said the man raped him and took away his money.

He then returned to the hotel room where he was raped again by the same man.

Singh was able to get help from a colleague who called police.

“We immediately contacted the police.

I was able now to tell them the entire story,” Singh told Reuters in a telephone interview from Kanpur, the capital of the western state of Madhya Pradesh.

“I’m happy that the police came to my aid.

I want the victim to know that we did not rape her and that she was never in danger.”

Jolla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.JUDGES HAVE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES’ CHILDRENJolla does not have a law enforcement body in India.

The company said it was investigating the case.

In a statement to Reuters, a lawyer for Singh said Singh was being treated for a medical condition and did not want to discuss the case further.

Singhu said he had not been able to find any records that showed that the alleged rape was reported to police.

He said he is not interested in further action against the accused.

Singhe said the case could have a “negative impact on the company and the ecosystem of Java developers.”

Juhusang Sangwan, a former Java developer who has been involved in several high-profile cybercrime cases in India, said the recent spike in rape cases could be related to a general increase in internet usage among the young population.

Singhang, who was not named, said Java developers were getting into more trouble than ever in India because of the lack of a police force to tackle online crimes.

“I think that this is related to the fact that the Internet is the only medium where the Internet users can go to,” he said.

“It’s a shame that so many young people are becoming criminals because the law in India is not strong enough.”

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