What’s the deal with the Minecraft edition?

Updated October 10, 2018 05:31:51 The Minecraft Edition has been removed from the Google Play store, after an outcry from players who were upset that it was being used to scam them.

“As the game’s creator, Mojang, is a big part of the game and we all know how passionate and dedicated these gamers are, they want to support this game and this community,” Mojang said in a statement on the game store.

Mojang’s statement comes after complaints from players that the version of the app was used to spam players, lure them into scams and steal their bank account details.

Mojangs statement read: “We took action against the app and have removed the app from the app store.

The app will be removed from Google Play, and we will be investigating this and taking further action against those who were responsible.”

Mojang did not comment on what, if any, action it plans to take.

Users who purchased the game using their Google account have been notified.

It was also reported that some users had been given a warning by Google, and that they had to pay a fee to access the game.

Mojums statement said it was the developer’s “intent” to remove the app, and did not say what this meant.

Mojango has had problems with the game in the past.

Earlier this year, a Mojang developer said it could be banned from Google for “malicious use of the Steam platform”.

In April, it was also revealed that Mojang had received an anti-piracy notice from the Swedish police over an online gambling app called BlackJack.

Mojogames statement read “We have taken action against BlackJack and will take further action if necessary.”

Minecraft was launched in 2015, and is a free-to-play action game developed by Mojang.

Mojogs developers aim to “bring the best of Minecraft” to Android by giving players the option to buy in-app items to help them craft, create, and decorate their own homes and buildings.

It’s a popular way to play Minecraft, and the game is available for free on the Google store.

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