Javan Tiger, Java and the Sun

Java is an open source software platform that provides the foundation for a number of new business models, including online retail and a host of applications.

And in a recent speech at the Sun’s Sunnyvale, California headquarters, Oracle Corp. chairman and CEO Larry Ellison said the company will “be doing everything possible to keep Java open, accessible, and open for everybody.” 

However, in a new interview with the Globe and Mail, Ellison said that he sees the future of Java as an open standard and that Oracle intends to continue to support the standard.

“We will continue to make Java open and we will be supporting it,” Ellison said.

“The only thing that changes will be that if we don’t like a feature that someone else wants to use, we can pull it out of Java.” 

Ellison’s comments came as the Java community, led by Oracle, is embroiled in a heated debate over the future direction of the open source platform.

Oracle is now seeking to get the Java open source, which means that developers are expected to make use of the technology in a way that is similar to how it is today.

But there are concerns about the future, as well as a growing number of organizations and individuals who are demanding the open standard. 

Ellisons said that Java will continue, in part, as an interoperable standard, but that there will be “some change” in the future. 

“We will be doing everything we can to keep the Java platform open, which we think is the best thing that can happen,” Ellison told the Globe.

“But in the end, there will always be some change in the ecosystem that you’re going to have.

That’s just how things work.

We’ll continue to keep supporting the Java standard, and that’s the only thing we can do.” 

The Oracle CEO was asked about the company’s commitment to open source in general, and his response was not surprising.

Oracle’s open source efforts have been controversial in the past, and the company has had to deal with a number open source projects.

In 2009, the company filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in federal court, alleging that Microsoft had copied Oracle’s code, and Oracle later dropped the suit. 

While Ellison didn’t mention Java in his speech, his comments suggested that Oracle has taken a position that will likely influence its future efforts to open up Java. 

Oracle said it would not comment on the Oracle-Sun dispute. 

However it did provide a statement in response to questions from the Globe, which said that “Oracle is committed to supporting open source technology and to promoting the open development process.

As we have said before, we believe that open source is a key part of the future growth of the Java ecosystem and our commitment to that growth is a result of the work we do to ensure the quality and accessibility of Java, and to support and facilitate the development of new open source technologies. 

In an interview, Ellison reiterated that Oracle does not believe Java is open source. 

He also acknowledged that Oracle is not “open to having any of our open source code open,” but that he would be willing to change that stance if the company became more interested in maintaining open source standards. 

As Ellison told The Globe, “We’re going into open source with a very clear, clear intention, and we have to continue supporting that.” 

 Ellids comments came just a week after Oracle filed a complaint against Apple for its alleged infringement of Oracle’s patents in the iPhone and iPad operating systems.

The company claims that Apple copied the software, and is demanding that Apple stop selling the iOS and OS X operating systems in the United States. 

A number of open source organizations are now supporting the open nature of Java.

A number of these organizations include the Java Foundation, the International Software Alliance, the Java Community Foundation, and several companies including Sun Microsystems.

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