‘India must have more of a sense of humour’: Balmacedas Pascual and Pascuel de Jesus

Balmaces Pascul de Jesus and Javiera Balmacella Pascuñas Pascal, who have both been killed by a bomb blast, were a couple who lived in Punta de Tenerife, the island’s capital, according to local media.

Pascua’s sister Maria told Spanish news agency EFE that Javiera was a “good person”.

“She had a lot of friends and she was very kind, very caring,” Maria said.

Javiera had worked as a receptionist at a hotel on Punta del Este, a beach on the island of the same name.

The couple’s family told Spanish broadcaster Cadena Ser that the two were planning to take a holiday on the Caribbean island of St Martin, where they had moved for work in the 1970s.

Maria Balmacaba said her sister had not been in touch with her for a number of months, but the couple had become close friends.

The pair had planned to spend their final years together.

Punta Del Este is a resort island, and the resort is named after its famous volcano, Teneris.

It is a popular spot for tourists.

The island’s mayor, Roberto Gómez, told reporters: “We are in shock, devastated.

The city of Punta, Punta (de) Este and the people of Tenerifero have lost a friend, a mother and a grandmother.”

A source from the island said Pascús was known to be a good person.

“She was a very kind person, very kind-hearted,” the source said.

“The death of Javiera, our dear sister, will leave a very bad legacy for Tenerifico.”

A statement from the Punta-de-Tenerife authorities said Javiera and Pascal had been married for 12 years.

It said the couple’s families had been in contact and had agreed to a reconciliation.

A spokesman said they had been working together since the 1980s, when Javiera moved to Tenerifero, the second island in Tenerifa, the capital of the archipelago.

Tenerico was founded by Spanish explorer Juan Fernandez de Ayala in 1569 and was the last Spanish colony in the Caribbean.

The capital is now the city of Santiago de Compostela.

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