A new Java TV show is about to be called Java Juice

JAVA, Java and the future of media in the 21st century, which is now a mere decade old, has begun its long journey into mainstream culture with a new, highly anticipated program on NBC called Java TV.

The program will be a “first-of-its-kind scripted TV show that explores the world of Java, its players and players’ culture and how they impact our everyday lives,” the network said in a statement.

“With a passion for the Java ecosystem and passion for bringing you the most authentic, engaging and exciting programming on television, the new show will provide viewers with a fresh and compelling perspective on Java.”

The show is a first for NBC and a big deal in the entertainment industry as the studio behind it is working with Jigsaw TV, a digital media production studio.

The studio, which works with several other companies and includes Hulu, has been at the forefront of building and developing new digital media products, including its latest project, “The Future of Movies.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with NBCUniversal on this innovative, groundbreaking series,” Jigsaw CEO Joe D’Agostino said in the statement. 

Jigsaw TV is the latest in a long line of projects for the company, which began its digital media efforts with its first series, “Bravo” in 2006.

The show’s premise centers around a group of people who are hired to create an ad-free online music store called “JUJU,” which will allow them to sell music directly to customers. 

The show will be shot in the Mojave Desert, in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Japan.

The first episode will premiere on NBC in 2018, according to NBC. 

“JUJO,” a popular music app, is currently available for download on the iTunes App Store.

The show’s first two episodes will air in early 2019. 

After the show’s debut on NBC, Jigsaw will also be working on a “major-brand” project for the network.

Jigsaw is also working on the next “Podcast,” a “podcast” that will feature an “unrivaled team of creators and broadcasters.”

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