I’m Not Going to Quit: Why I Won’t Stop Reading, And Why I’m Going to Read Every Thing I Can

I am writing a story about a story, but I have a lot of questions.

Can I keep writing?

Is there a place I can go for advice?

Will I ever stop?

I don’t know what I’m doing here.

What’s the point?

I am trying to figure out how to keep reading, but sometimes I feel like I’m not going to be able to stop.

So I’m going to keep writing.

So far, I’ve been able to get about a third of the way through The Unwritten.

The other third of it is still being written.

But that’s all I can do right now.

What I can say is that I’m starting to find that I don, in fact, need to stop, and I don.

The Unfinished Swan is an unending series of stories.

Every week, I pick up a new one.

I write a novel, an anthology, a novella, a memoir.

I’m writing a book, and every week I’m making new discoveries about what’s important to me.

Sometimes these are big ideas, and sometimes they’re small ones.

Sometimes I’m just looking for the right time to take a break.

And sometimes I’m reading something that has already been published, or something that I’ve read that I want to share with other people.

There are also a lot more books that I haven’t finished yet.

Some of them are books that are out of print, and there are a lot I can’t even begin to imagine how to publish.

In the meantime, I’m keeping writing, and it’s giving me a lot to think about.

I have so much more to say.

I feel that it’s a privilege to be a part of this story.

It’s also a privilege for me to write it, to have a place to put it, and to have people to talk to, to learn from, to trust, to love.

In this series, I want everyone to understand how much it means to me to be alive.

It means a lot.

And it means a little more than a lot at the same time.

This series is my way of making sure that every single person is part of it.

I know that’s going to make it a little less scary for people who aren’t already part of the conversation, but it’s also going to give me a chance to think.

And if you’re still reading, you’ll know that it really means something.

And hopefully it will make you smile too.

What to Read Next: I’m still trying to find out where I fit in the world of reading, and what my limits are, and why I keep reading.

I’ll let you know how that plays out, but right now, I just want to write a lot, to keep getting better.

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