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Which is better? Android or iOS?

The newest version of Android and iOS are almost identical, and the differences between them have been largely hidden from the public.But it turns out they’re both more or less equally good, with Android dominating the market.And both platforms are on track to overtake Apple in 2018.Here are the big reasons why: Apps The two […]

How to Save Money by Using Java Foreach (and other features)

We all know that you can save money by using the Java language.If you’re looking for a way to save more money by taking advantage of Java’s powerful features, you’re in the right place.However, you can also save money using other, less powerful technologies, like scripting languages and databases.So, which is right for you?We’ve rounded […]

Chip Frappuccinos: A brand-new, gluten-free alternative to Starbucks?

Posted September 15, 2018 06:33:20The Frappucino is a popular coffee drink popular in the U.S. The chain was founded in 1997 by Fred Fong, a former Boston Red Sox pitcher who became a big star with the franchise.Starbucks also is a major brand in China, and the company has had a longstanding relationship with Chinese […]

How to get the latest Java version to work on your Mac with a Java app download

The latest version of Java is Java 8.The OS X 10.11 update to 10.12 also includes a fix for a security vulnerability that allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on a Mac running the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Java Applet on a target system.A security advisory issued on Monday warns that attackers […]

The Jungle Java app for Android is a free alternative to the Java app store

Java developers are starting to use alternative platforms like Android or iOS to download Java code.The Java platform was designed to be free software for people to use, and it has become a platform that many developers want to avoid.The Java platform has a lot of flaws that can cause bugs, but its open source […]

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